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    Contingent staffing entails a resource pool of freelancers, consultants, and contractors that are hired by an organization to deliver various services. They are contract workers as they do not come under the company’s permanent workforce. This pool of individuals works on a contract basis for a specific time. Volks Resources is one of the best contingent staffing solutions across the nation. We recruit talented candidates who will best fit the job description and deliver their professional services to your organization.

    We offer contingent workforce staffing across a diverse range of services. From Information Technology, Telecommunications, Engineering, Administrative, Clerical, and Professional to Light Industrial. Whatever your temporary staffing requirements, we have experts in the field who can do a marvelous job on your project.

    Contingent staffing allows our clients to work with specialists in various fields before committing to them for further projects. Volks Resources extends contingent workforce solutions to the clients so that they get to experience working with a diverse pool of professionals with staffing flexibility.

    Forming connections and maintaining them is crucial to running a good business, however at times sustaining relationships with various professionals from different work backgrounds can be a challenge. We at Volks Resources offer contingent staffing and provide specialized candidates to companies when and where companies need them the most. As one of the trusted contingent staffing agencies, we source candidates who fit the job profile for your company and assist you in achieving your business potential.

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    Contingent Workforce Solutions

    Why Volks resources for Contingent staffing services ?

    Broad Database

    Volks Resources’ database consists of a global resource pool of 25,000 field resources. Our contingent workforce staffing is equipped with handling services from a varied selection of services and we have a telecom staffing agency. We have access to numerous profiles with exceptionally talented and skilled individuals in their respective fields.

    Efficient Process

    The process of contingent staffing handled by Volks Resources is rather straightforward and efficient. We gather information from our clients with the specifications needed for the job. Then we screen from our database pool to find professionals who can deliver the job flawlessly. We handle the contracts and interact with the professionals on behalf of our clients. We ensure the work gets completed without any disruptions to the ongoing business of our clients.

    Single Point Of Contact

    As a contingent staffing agency, we work as the single point of contact for our clients. No matter what their service requirements are, we are almost certain that we possess the freelancers and consultants who provide the required services. Whether the professionals from IT, Telecom, Administrative, Clerical, or all other sectors, Volks Resources will find the right workforce for you.

    Staffing Flexibility

    Volks Resources takes the stress off of temporary staffing by providing contingent resource solutions to the requirements of your organisation’s needs at that time. We evaluate the challenges and your pressure points with your present contingent labor force and work to arrive at the candidates who are most qualified for your business. Our staffing service is highly flexible to accommodate your needs and preference.

    The Benefits Of Working With Volks Resources For Contingent staffing

    Volks Resources maintains a brilliant track record for providing the most excellent contingent consultation services to our clients. We look into your company and get to know the company’s culture to identify candidates who will work well in your company’s environment. We do not merely fill temporary positions, we rather analyze the necessary needs of your company. Also we use our advanced search technology to find the best candidate for your staffing needs. The technology that we use to find candidates coupled with our expert recruiters never falters in delivering the most excellent service providers.

    Immediate Staffing Solutions

    Volks Resources can provide talented candidates from its professional pool at the snap of a finger. You no longer have to waste time finding candidates, because we do that for you. Never compromise on candidate quality, we deliver services that are nothing short of the best.

    Mitigates Risk Factors

    Discover top-quality candidates who meet all the desired specifications without lifting a finger. Business owners often lack the knowledge to decipher whether a worker is an independent contractor. To avoid any potential risks involving labor lawsuits, contingent staffing is a great
    method to mitigate any risk factors.

    Steer Clear Of Onboarding/Offboarding Time

    Adding or even bidding farewell to employees takes up a significant amount of time. It is a prolonged process, both onboarding and offboarding can be quite tiresome and bothersome, especially if it’s for short-term projects. To avoid this sort of situation, contingent staffing agencies like Volks Resources simply deliver great candidates when required.

    Attention On Core Business

    Companies have numerous activities going on that directly impact their growth and business. Staffing is another hassle that companies can partner with contingent staffing services as provided by Volks Resources. This allows companies to completely focus on core business.

    Industries we work with

    We provide contingent workforce solutions to clients nationwide and for all the Skills/Job Categories including Telecommunications, Information Technology, Engineering, Professional, Administrative/Clerical & Light Industrial.


    Information Technology




    Light Industrial

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

    Volks Resources have numerous services available under one roof, from Information Technology,Telecommunications, Engineering, Administrative, Clerical, Professional to Light Industrial. Whatever is your staffing requirement, Volks Resources is almost sure of having access to it.
    Yes, the best part of working with a contingent staffing company like Volks Resources is that you can work with our candidates for a short project or on a long project. It is up to you. Our staffing is highly flexible to accommodate your needs and preferences.
    Volks Resources take away the pain and pressure associated with onboarding and offboarding by simply delivering great candidates when required. There is no need for our clients to spend any additional time onboarding and offboarding.
    As we possess a very large resource pool, we will almost immediately be able to source and deliver competent professionals for the job. It will not take too much time from our side to provide staffing services.
    Volks Resources is working with a vast database of proficient freelancers, consultants, vendors, engineers and so forth. Contingent staffing is what we do best and we will be able to provide the most brilliant candidates from our records who are most suited for the project in the shortest time. This allows companies to focus on their core business.
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